July 25

All The World’s A Stage


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Acting Vs Being

Unfortunately, I have realized that is often more true than it should be.

Many of us wake up every day and go out into the world merely playing a role, not living our real lives.

It occurred to me that there were several areas in my life that I wasn’t taking responsibility for. It became very clear to me that though I’m an adult, I wasn’t ‘acting’ like one.

I emphasize on the word acting because to a large degree, that’s all we’re doing anyway.


Acting like we can’t get a job because we aren’t smart enough, have enough experience, have the right complexion or the right gender.

We’re acting like we can’t find the person we want in our lives because we aren’t tall enough, we aren’t pretty enough, we aren’t thin enough, or have enough money.

We’re all acting.

We’re acting instead of ‘being’

We have practically an unlimited ability to accomplish anything in the world but we ACT like we don’t.

We are limiting ourselves to a small, scripted world that has boundaries we can’t get past.

Get rid of the script. Get rid of the character you are playing.

Be yourself!

Take responsibility for yourself. Quit making excuses of things you can’t do, can’t have, or aren’t good enough for. Get out and do them, have them, and earn them!

It is time to take back your reality!

This is your life and your experience, not some pre-written script.

You can have anything you want, do anything you want, and are good enough to receive the rewards life has to offer as long as you believe in yourself and work towards those goals.

Practical Application

It’s time to look at your ‘acting portfolio’.

What goals have you written off because you ‘acted’ like you could not reach them?

What opportunities have you passed on because you ’acted’ like you didn’t deserve them?

It’s time to get rid of the actor, remove those limitations you have put on your life and reprogram yourself for reality!

It is only when you grab on to your life, take responsibility for it, and believe in it, that you will be able to enjoy the rewards the Universe has to offer.


Law Of Attraction

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  1. You really shot the arrow at the bulls eye here.

    How true that we are often ‘acting’ and not ‘being’. We need to take more responsibility for ourselves and how we act or behave.

    Thanks for a most enlightening post!

    Abundance Always!

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