November 1

Hicks/Secret Controversy


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Okay, I’ve been getting calls and email asking me about what I think about the Abe/Hicks/Secret ordeal…

I didn’t write about it because I didn’t think it was a deal, but I’ve got enough emails to see that it is to people.

Here are my thoughts:

I can understand that the Abraham/Hicks didn’t want to be deceived or misled regarding their participation in the film…but I think they may be slightly overlooking the bigger picture:

MILLIONS of people are now either talking about, thinking about, and/or learning about the Law Of Attraction because of The Secret.

I totally agree that a large emphasis was placed on money but the truth of the matter is: most societies are driven by money.? Sometimes money is a great ‘door opener’ to get people interested in something else that they may normally have turned a deaf ear to.

I’m a marketer and have been in marketing for 15 years now.? One thing I learned early on from a very smart man is that you have to SELL people what they want and GIVE them what they need.

For example:? If children’s medicine didn’t taste good…(like Flinstone’s vitamins, Ovaltene, etc…a LOT more kids would be sick.? Because they’d never take medicine.

So there is value in ‘hiding’ real value underneath superficial value to get it to the masses.

I don’t condone deceptive practices, but when the value is there…I don’t think it’s deceptive.

I’m not Hicks/Abraham so I don’t know all the inside details…but I think they may have been a little too sensitive about this and missed the bigger picture.

To put a dollar figure on my experience…I’ve spent about $150 on Abe/Hicks products as a direct result of The Secret.? I know it’s not about the money, but I wouldn’t have learned about them when I did if it weren’t for The Secret.
I don’t look at this as a good or bad thing.? Just is what it is.

My 2 cents.



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