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Saving The World…One Person At A Time


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Look! Up in the sky…it’s a bird…it’s a plane… no it’s Antonio!Antonio Thornton - Saving The World...One Person At A Time

My Passion – Living It
I’ve had a passion for helping others reach their potential every since I could remember. They called me “The Professor” in elementary school because I was the kid who broke up fights, helped people with their homework and helped the teacher clean up after class. Yes! I was a nerd…and proud of it!

Around the age of 13, I found one of my mom’s books, Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill and I thought to myself, “Hey, I want to be rich!”, so I picked it up and started reading it. Though I really couldn’t grasp the concepts at 13, it sparked my curiosity. It made me realize that there was information ‘out there’ that could help me make my life better than what was ‘handed to me’. I didn’t touch the book until about 2 years later.

My mom had a doctor friend come over one night and I heard him talking to my parents about Amway. He was talking about how you can make money doing the stuff you already do, (toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc) but, what really got me excited was the fact that you could make money while you were sleeping. At that time, I was selling candy in school (making good money 😉 ) and I thought making money while I was sleep would be even better. My parents didn’t join Amway, but I convinced the good doctor to let me lie on the application so I could join (you had to be 18 at the time).

Think And Grow RichWe’ll, long story short: when I joined Amway, I signed up for the tape of the month series. (Kids: Cassette tapes are these little rectangle objects that were used to store analog music back in the olden’ days 😀 ) I was absolutely amazed at the stuff they talked about on the tapes. They had people like Zig Ziglar, Dexter Yager and bunch of other people who talked about living this ‘extraordinary’ life that seemed to elude my family. I found Think And Grow Rich again…but this time I was older and it started making more sense.

This was my first real taste of personal development (called “self-help” back then). Not only did this start me on the journey of personal enlightenment, but it lead me down the path of helping others. I saw the destructive things other people did in their lives and I could easily tell them what they could do to ‘fix’ the problems they were going through. It was exhilarating seeing people grow right before my eyes. From then on, helping people was a part of my life. But there was one glaring problem for me. Religion

I remember leaving church one Sunday afternoon (this was back when the pastor stood at the door and shook your hand as you were leaving), he looked at me and said, “You’re going to be a minister one day. I see you behind the pulpit and preaching to thousands of people. At the time, I said, “Is he crazy?!? He doesn’t know me very well.” (I used to get in a LOT of trouble when I was a kid).

Anyway, religion never made sense to me….even as a child. I used to sit in church totally confused and frustrated…Half the stuff didn’t made sense and the rest just went over my head (so I thought). As I got older, I found out that it wasn’t the Bible that was confusing, but the people teaching me the bible. So when I got old enough, I stopped going.

I always wondered why my father never went to church (more accurately stated – why my mom didn’t make him go like she did me). So I asked him one day. And in so many words, his response was, “because it’s all bulls**t….I know it, the smart people in the church know it all the pastors know it, but they keep preaching bulls**t”


Imagine as a child, your mom making you go to church every week, but now in the back of your head, you’re hearing your father saying over and over “…it’s all bulls**t”. My father was an extremely smart man…very abrasive, but a genius in his own right. He got me thinking… If I was confused, then maybe other people were.

So I started this campaign of asking people the questions I had about Bible and surprisingly enough, I was shunned and ridiculed by these ‘loving’ Christians. The majority of the responses were, “You shouldn’t ask questions like that” or “Don’t question God” or two of my favorites: “You just have to believe!” and one lady said I’m going to hell for asking questions like that. So as a kid, I came to the conclusion that they didn’t know the answers either.

My quest began.

I remember one incident that totally changed my life. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a chilly Saturday morning..I remembered it was cold because I wasn’t outside playing…and the doorbell rang. It was two Jehovah’s Witnesses. My father was never the type to dive behind the couch and pretend that we weren’t at home…no, he’d open up the door and invite them in to talk!

It was awesome…

They’d sit there going back and forth talking about the bible, pulling out concordances and reference guides…it was amazing to see and it truly changed me. My father wasn’t arguing or disagreeing with them, he was seeking the truth. After they left, I sat there with my mouth hanging open and it made me hungry to study religion.

Since then, I’ve done in-depth studies of 11 different religions and 19 different ‘cults’. Everything from Catholicism to cat worshipers…I soaked up everything I could because it was so fascinating to me. Then I took up studying human behavior…then on to mainstream psychology, then to Eastern Philosophy. Everything I could get my hands on….to where I am now.

For the last 11 years, I’ve been teaching people how to get the most out of their lives. Everything from my “Access Your Wealth” financial seminars to Business and Marketing Coaching to Personal Development. I’ve spoken to thousands of people of all ages and walks of life and by far, I enjoy teaching the Law Of Attraction and Psycho-Cybernetics the most.

I’ve been teaching the principle for years, but until I reread Psycho-Cybernetics (which is a GREAT book) I didn’t grasp how powerful this principle was. Psycho-Cybernetics is what lead me ‘down the rabbit hole’ onto The Hidden Power and Whole Brain Thinking, onto What The Bleep, then to the study of quantum physics. Of all my study and teachings, I discovered two things:

1) Everything comes from one source
2) Everything is connected

But what I recognized, which was even more powerful for me is: everything is directly impacted by thought. Thought controls what we feel, what we see, and ultimately how the world shows up. That’s why the focus of all my teachings (including business and marketing) is around thought. That’s where the phrase “Control Your Thoughts, They Control Your Future” came from.

Now I’m having an absolute blast learning and teaching others how to “Put Thought To Practical Use” and together, we’re creating a world of true love and peace that was once only imagined.

My Business Life
I started my first business when I was 13 years old in the 8th grade selling candy. Before school, I would go to a convenient store on my way to the bus stop in the morning to buy candy for myself. One day, a guy on the bus asked me for my Now-And-Laters candy and I said no. He offered to buy it from me and I agreed. I sold it for a few cents more than what I paid for it. The next day someone else asked for a piece and I sold them as well.

The next day, I bought 5 extra packs of Now-and Laters and sold them all. I made whopping $1.25! Enough money to buy candy for myself for the rest of the week. Eventually, I got the crazy idea of selling enough candy to make money, not just support my candy habit. So, I did the math and came up with a pricing structure. About 2 months later, I was making a steady $200 per week – which was a lot of money for a 13 year old in the 80s (umm…I think I’m dating myself). Eventually, I found other people to help me sell and I shared some of the profits with them…and from there I went into my first “business”.

Since then I’ve owned/managed 13 businesses including: a magazine, a music production studio, a paging/cellphone company and a computer network design firm. 9 of which, were ‘complete failures’, but the great learning lessons helped make the successful ones really successful.

Currently I own a contingency-based marketing and business development company, Money Mouth Marketing, LLC and we develops low-cost and no-cost marketing solutions for small to mid-sized business.

My Personal Life
Currently single… but manifesting the woman of my life. I’m using the process in the relationship recipe to attract her to me I can feel her getting closer and closer everyday. I’m sooo excited 🙂

I have absolutely great friends! I’m so happy to say that 100% of the people in my life bring me joy! YES! EVERY SINGLE PERSON!! Ive never had a time in my life where every time the phone rang or I went to hang out with someone, I knew that it would be a joyous and wonderful experience. Most of my friends are in “The Secret Society” Law of Attraction Group. By the way, I was recently told that we are the largest locally meeting Law Of Attraction Group in the world WOO HOO! 🙂 Come join us.


Law Of Attraction

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  1. Hello Antonio,

    First off, I want to say what a big fan I am of yours. You are sincere, brilliant and a great role model. You have helped a large number of people by sharing your expertise, and I am inspired by your enthusiasm and expertise.
    As you know, the best selling DVD “The Secret” has become a global phenomenon. It’s been featured on Larry King Live, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and Oprah, selling thousands and thousands of copies a day! The creators of “The Secret” have JUST released a course on how to use “The Secret” to attract wealth. The affiliate program for this is amazing and the projected sales for this course over the next 12 months is in excess of $100 million dollars! It is so exciting to be part of a program that is the source of all wealth programs with the endorsement of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Larry King, Newsweek, Time Magazine and The New York Times. This is an opportunity to ride on the phenomenal and proven success of The Secret where market demand for the product is enormous.

    I am sure that you will agree after reviewing my website, that this is an amazing opportunity.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Sincerely yours in wealth creation,

    Colleen Anderson
    Director of Customer Happiness & Prosperity
    The Secret Science of Getting Rich

  2. I listened to your podcast, Think Banc Podcast, recently. I really enjoy listening to your shows and I look forward to hear more in future. What you’re offering is something that most entrepreneurs like me need in order to effectively build, market and grow a business.

  3. Hi Antonio,

    I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your podcast although I’m ashamed to admit I was a bit hesitant. I had this thing about black people and black owned business. I felt that most of them were ghetto and unprofessional. So I didn’t bother patronizing them. Until now, listening to your podcast made me realize how limited and deep rooted my beliefs were. Did I mention that I’m black? I have tried to make some sense of it and came up with two reasons that could have happen 1. I could have had a bad experience with one black owned business and somehow subconsciously linked it to all black owned businesses. 2. Or it was an external influence such as let’s say another individual whose opinion I value had a bad experience with a black own business and even though the conflict actually reflects some aspect of that person he blames the owner. He is then upset and starts to tell the story. Painting a picture of his feelings and association and because he is held in high regard I start to look at the situation the same, now we both feel the same way and begin to attract more of the same situations because of our new beliefs. We then begin to tell others of the negative stories which they began to believe and attract which leads to more people with the negative outlook. It’s amazing how it only takes one person to create such an effect. Regardless of which one actually took place I AM pleased to announce that I have dethrone such a belief and I want to say Thank You for helping me to come to such a realization. I too am studying the Universal Laws which is now my new way of life. I must admit it can get a bit lonely when others don’t understand your way of thinking. I know it’s because of the fact I no longer think a certain way I don’t have much in common with my old friends anymore which is okay because I trust that the Universe will send like minded people that I can grow with my way.

    Thanks for listening and Thanks for being you.

  4. Antonio; your web-site is awesome! And I thank you so much for presenting (The Secret)dynamics of the Universe, and its profound implications for our lives on planet Earth. Further, my grandson’s name is Antonio…hey; I just knew that we would be chums straight-away! Now then; I do have one problem: I ordered your program “Law of Attraction-How To Get Whatever You Want”..downloaded to my computer; but cannot open the file! An error message tells me that the file was corrupted in the process of download; WinZip wont open it! I’ve E-mailed your support team twice concerning this, with no reply…can you assist? Its just frustrating me to have your marvelous program, and being unable to access it!
    Thank you;thank you!

  5. hello…i just wanted to say that i recently am discovering the laws of attraction and i am a huge fan of your podcast…u make great points and actually have me looking at things in a more positive realistic light…i appreciate it…thank you very much

  6. Antonio you have a great site going here. Im so glad more and more people are waking up to the law of attraction, and how it can benefit them in their lives. Reading your story reminds me of my life, and how little things happen throughout to point me in the direction to go. Keep up the good work, your site will help many people.

    If you are interested, I run a large and growing law of attraction article database. I would be more than happy to have one or more of your articles in our database. You can follow this link to submit an article.

  7. I found your blog through Priscilla’s List of PD and so I wanted to not only say “hello” and introduce myself but also say “congratulations” for making her list!

    Then I decided to visit your blog and learn more about you. You’re very interesting!

    Ever since her list came out, I thought I would check each and every blog and show mine ( in the hopes of making new friends and perhaps help one another increase traffic/exposure.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Stephen Hopson

  8. Hi Thornton,
    Praveen Sherman Here..
    I just wanted to drop a line and welcome you to be a part of my mission “Touching as Many Lives as Possible”.
    I run a website called ,which is focused on providing Easier Personal Development techniques with the easily usuable tools of NLP.

    As a part of it,I do lot of Podcasts and Interview SuperAcheivers in the society,dealing with the mindset and the Beliefs and other factors that made them Superacheivers in their Respective Fields and share this world class,result producing information with rest of the world.

    As a way to Reach More people,I’ve created a Super Audio Cd entitled “7 Ways to Supercharge yourself for a life of excellence”.

    I noticed you run a ezine in this niche and felt that your subscribers will be greatly receptive to this Information.

    You can download this Audio CD here at
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    If you felt you can share this information with your Members,you can ask them to download the Audio CD at

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    Talk soon,
    Praveen Sherman

    P.S: Do Share This with People,only if they are Serious about taking their life to a next Level.Seriously i don’t want myself to be someone’s Intellectual Entertainment.

    Naturally you are welcomed to ask me any questions regarding this if at can always reach me in through this mail id.
    PPS:I’ld love to return you a favour.If there is someway I can reciprocate,please do let me know.
    Live with passion and enjoy the day.

  9. Hi Antonio,

    I absolutely fell in love with your story!!!

    In appreciation for all the great work you do for others we’d love to help you in your quest of attracting the perfect woman. You can learn about the Attracting Fulfilling Relationships or (my personal favorite) Attracting Reciprocal Partnerships programs at Just email me and I’ll send you one of the programs free of charge!

    Be Well,

  10. I just saw “Law Of Attraction Lottery Winners Attracting Wealth” video on YouTube.

    I have to say that you have a brilliant take on this concept. I was watching and laughing so loud my sides hurt.

    Also I love the music you are using and the fact that you talk with real words no holding back. When you feel like saying something is f-ed you couch it with “this is less than ideal” you say this is f-ed up and I like that. Thanks for the good work.

  11. Hello Antonio
    My current job is very boring and I was looking for something on the iPod to keep my brain busy. Why not having a boring job and instead of my brain running idle, do with it what I want to do, what I want to think and not what someone else tells me to think, and being paid for it. Two months ago I came across NLP, liked it and searched for more mental training. So I “accidentially” came across your Podcast. Unfortunately some of the episodes are not available in iTunes.
    You motivate, change my point of view on some subjects and I always keep my vision book with me when I am listening to write down notes.


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