September 5

A Life Without Problems…

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What if every day was perfect… I mean really perfect.

You wake up on time, jump in your car and it starts and purrs. You go to work and on the way, all the lights are green and there are no traffic back ups.

When you get to work everyone is friendly, your day always goes easily with no glitches and your boss is thrilled with your performance, so much so, you get a raise.

When you go home, your significant other is waiting for you, has prepared a special dinner and has nothing but sweet kind words of adoration for you.

Do you think this is the perfect life?

Think about it happening every day…. day after day.

Every time you played the lottery, you won…
Every time you started a business, you were successful..
Every person you wanted to date, fell madly in love with you…
Everything is always ‘Leave it to Beaver’ happy…

It may be cool at first, but then it’s would be like the movie Groundhog Day, where it’s always the same. There’s nothing new to experience and it would be….BORING!!!

I mean, would you really want a “problem-free” life? I once heard Norman Vincent Peale say, “The only people who live a ‘problem-free’ life are the people who ‘live’ in the cemetery.

On the surface, it would seem great to have no problems, no worries, etc…but what you may not be thinking about is that once everything is going well all the time, you no longer appreciate the good things in your life. It all runs together and you just come to expect everything to be that way.

Not to mention that if you did not have any challenges to deal with, you would not have anything to overcome, learn from, and grow from. You’d be totally stagnant.

While you may sometimes think you would prefer your life to be “problem-free”, the reality of it is it’s not as rosy as you think.

Practical Application

Take note of the challenges you face in your day. They could be little or big ones that you overcome.

As they are happening you will not be enjoying the experience, but at the end of the day look back at how you handled them.

When you were confronted by a problem or challenge, did you overcome it?

When you figured out your way through or around the problem, notice that you felt a little pride at your ability to overcome it.

That’s what growth and experience are all about!


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  1. Hey Antonio,
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  2. Hey Antonio
    I am so glad I decided to read this post today. I was feeling stress out about a small situation but this post made me realize that life is not perfect and would be meaningless without change. I understand that in order for me to deal with the imperfections in life I must face them and overcome them. Worrying about them will just make it a lot worst.

    Thanks Antonio! 🙂

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