November 15

A Basic Understanding of the Law of Attraction

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Myths and Realities

The law of attraction cannot be defined to any single definition. It has to do with energy and a force that could be seen as a magnetic pull. Some definitions refer to the law of attraction simply as karma while some contribute it to the golden rule. Remember the golden rule? Do onto others as you would have done onto yourself.

The law of attraction can be seen in much the same way as gravity. Whatever you do for others will happen for you, also. If you are a caring and loving person, you will be rewarded with love and care from others. If you are hurtful towards others, your reward will be pain and hurt. Gravity forces everything down the path, and the law of attraction holds us to the same path of emotions we send out. If ever we are in situations we don’t like, we can use the law of attraction to attract better situations.

Feelings are Valuable

Learning better control over our feelings is a fundamental understanding of the law of attraction. We can live the life we want by attracting better situations and circumstances.
While having expectations about people and life in general is important, it’s necessary to learn how to acknowledge your feelings and emotions, allow them to flow through you naturally, and release them without high expectations. .The force of emotions and feelings is natural, and you will experience rewards with the emotions you let go of during every interaction with other people. This is the law of attraction at work.

Some people say we have no control over situations that occur in our lives. It’s important to understand, however, that the law of attraction teaches us that changing a circumstance depends on us- and how we react to situations. People who claim that emotions and situations are generated without our intentions or control of emotions tend to have a negative outlook on life. If you do not like a particular circumstance – Change It.

The law of attraction teaches us that it does not matter if we think the emotions we are experiencing are intentional or unintentional, but if we release these emotions- we are creating our current situation. Habits can be changed. Change is positive.

Acknowledge your emotions, whether they are negative in nature or positive, and never run away from them. You can’t deny feelings, and in order to shift your feelings to more positive situations, you must accept what you are feeling is real. Fighting negative emotions takes work. When you find yourself having negative reactions and feelings towards a circumstance, challenge those emotions. Analyze them. Question your decision making. Find the positives and focus on them and the law of attraction will reward you with positive circumstances.

Now that you know the basics of the Law of Attraction, put it to use and create the life you desire – Basics Of Law Of Attraction.


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  1. My problem is that I am always hiding my feelings and only let them go when I am angry. I am scared of exposing myself to other people only to get hurt in the process.

  2. Always remember the GOLDEN RULE. I’m going to keep it in mind at all times. Now I understand what and how karma works. It’s like magic, oh no, more like a magnet.

  3. What an amazing man. Antonio Thornton deciphers personality. The Laws of Attraction taught me how I should let go of fear and of disbelief and understand what is beyond human thoughts.

  4. Laws of Attraction is not simply a manifestation that just take place in our lives. It simply attracts into our lives, whatever we think about. And it simply pushes us to some tough questions that don?t seem to have good answers but instead, directs us to what we call “the reality”.

  5. Totally true. Law of Attraction is like a powerful force that goes beyond human control and the main crux is that everything happens for a reason.

  6. Karma. Now I understand when and where and how it works. It?s like magic, nope, more like a magnet. It attract the opposite force of all the things that we do and think and even say.

  7. Yes, this is something which I myself have discovered recently. Trying to overlay negative emotions with positive ones means that the positive ones have to be extra strong, which is a struggle. Being happy shouldn’t be a struggle. You have to accept your present situation and feelings, FEEL your feelings, and then put a positive spin on them. It’s not about suppressing emotions but getting strong enough to create positive thoughts out of seemingly negative situations.

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