December 17

3 Reasons Why Failures Are Awesome!

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Consider the very wise words of Winston Churchill who said that, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” What did he mean exactly? Well here are three reasons as to why failing is a good thing:

1. Inspiration – before you laugh, think about as a child when you didn’t get something right the first time… and you tried again… and again, each time the thought in your head was “I am going to get it right this time!” What better motivation do you need?

2. Humility – no one is perfect, though there are people who think they are. But, can you imagine a world where no one ever failed and we all walked around thinking we were God’s gift to the world?

3. Learning – Success makes you feel good, but failing teaches you a lesson. Think back to the first time you swung a bat, learned to walk, or tried to eat with a fork. Did you do it right the first time? I doubt it, did you figure out with each failure what you were doing wrong? Well, if you can swing a bat, walk and eat with a fork today (of course not all at once, lol), then I would guess you did.

It takes a lot of character and courage to continue to fail in order to achieve the greatness the Universe has in store for you. The more failures you have the more successes that will be coming your way. Remember to stay encouraged and always keep moving forward!


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  1. It’s difficult to go from failure with failure with good humour and keeping your head up, it’s tricky to accept failure – but it helps if you are content with what you (still) have and can put things into perspective.

  2. Your failure is not your future. Defeat is not your destiny. You maybe knocked down seven times…But, RISE UP!
    Because you are BORN TO WIN!
    1 John 4:4
    -Merry Christmas…

  3. I love this. It always reminds me of the great scene in Rocky Balboa when he gives his son, who is buckling under the social pressure of embarassment, the talk on his philosophy of life. When you get knocked down you get back up again, walking into the fury, over and over again.

    Carpe Diem.

  4. Good Topic!! It definitely makes me think about how I got to where I am in life today and the path I took to get here. I am not where I want to be in terms of my final destination of success but I know I am on the right path. I have to stay on this path without straying because I would be failing to see my destination. As long as the light is visible, there will always be enough willpower to keep at it! Thanks, in writing this comment I just learned something else about me, fascinating how that works. Keep the topics coming!!
    Thanks again,

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