January 25

Law Of Attraction: 150 Days…150 Friends


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It’s been 5 months ago since I start the “Secret Society” Law Of Attraction group in Atlanta…

In 5 months, just 150 days, I’m happy to say that I’ve found over 150 new friends…159 to be exact.

This is a wonderful feeling. I’m able to talk about The Law Of Attraction and share my thoughts, feelings and challenges with a group of other like minded people – it’s amazing.

We’ve been meeting every Monday since October and the group is growing like you wouldn’t believe.
One of my biggest challenges when I started learning (and practicing) the Law Of Attract was that a lot of my existing ‘friends’ started disappearing. We were going in two different directions and I wasn’t willing to compromise on what I knew to be true – thoughts become things.

Mediocre conversations weren’t working for me anymore. Talking about “how hard life is” “how difficult is it to succeed” just wasn’t in my vocabulary anymore. I had friends who loved to complain about everything…but do nothing about it. I didn’t realize how detrimental that was for me until I understood how energy works.

Either I had to take on their energy or I had to go…

Interestingly enough, I really didn’t have to make any decisions about anything. People just stopped calling and new people (who were of like-minds) started showing up.

If you’re having challenges in living the Law Of Attraction because of people who are pulling you back into old habits and beliefs, consider putting a group together in your area. Just the very nature of LOA will draw more people to you.

I’m so grateful to have a huge group of new friends.

If you can’t put a group together in your area, you’re more than welcome to join ours.

We meet every Monday, but we alternate between a face-to-face meeting and a conference call. We have members from New York, Philly, Houston, Birmingham, Miami, LA and many many other cities around the country. We had one caller from Canada on the line…that was amazing!

If you want more info, you can go here to join our “Secret” Society Law Of Attraction Group

…yes, it’s free 🙂


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