March 5

1 Call, 4 Lessons – The Art Of Allowing

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As you know, when people say “Let’s stay in touch…” that very rarely happens.

There’s a really good friend of mine that I’ve know for a while now and she and I were talking about how much we enjoy talking to each other. As we were finishing our conversation a few weeks ago, we said “we need to stay in touch…”

But the interesting things is that she said, “We should talk at least every two weeks.”

That was different….but I think it’s the answer to why we don’t ‘stay in touch’ when we say we will… we don’t create finite plans to do so. We just ‘leave it out there’ (mainly for the other person) to just randomly happen..

Lesson 1: Make finite plans to do things… instead of just leaving things up for grabs. They’re 1000 times more likely to actually happen

Anyway, here’s the cool thing I wanted to share…

She called me a few days ago (as we agreed), but I was unable to answer the phone and she left a message. “Hi Antonio, I’m calling to see how you are doing and to touch bases with you as we agreed to do every two weeks…”

I meant to call her right back…but admittedly, I didn’t (I was “busy”)

So yesterday, I was laying in the bed and she popped into my head… I was a little ashamed that I hadn’t called her back in 5 days…

So I immediately jumped out of the bed and called her.

Just at that very moment she was on the way to a seminar of a well known speaker that I just so happened to be talking about the day before.

Here are my exact words: Man I really with this guy would come to Atlanta because I want to see how he does his presentations… (I’m starting a new seminar business and I wanted to get some ‘advice’ from one of the greats.)

Perfect Synchronicity!

I was feeling ‘stuck’ and was a little down about the progress (or lack there of) of this new venture of mine…and decided to CHOOSE to feel better about my situation.

The next day, I get an answer to my ‘prayer’.


Lesson 2: Be clear on what you want and intend it. You have to ‘ask’ for what you want to receive it. Imagine going to a restaurant and not giving the waiter your order…you wouldn’t eat.

Let’s look at all the so-called coincidences that created this situation:

1) I put out the intention that I wanted to meet this guy because of this new venture I’ve started.

2) My friend just so happened to be going to an event he was holding. Not only was the even in Atlanta, is was at the convention center that is 3 1/2 minutes from my house.

3) I totally forgot to call me friend back last week. I say that because if I would have called her last week, she wouldn’t have told me about the seminar because she didn’t find out about it until a couple of days before

4) I get inspired to call her “out of the blue” 5 days after she calls me… and she is on the way to the seminar.

5) If I would have called her 30-minutes prior to when I did, I wouldn’t have gotten her because she would have still been at work and her cellphone doesn’t work in her building

6) If I would have called her 30-minutes after when I did, she would have been in the seminar and had her phone would have been off.

Talk about Devine Intervention.

I totally don’t believe in coincidences…particularly when they happen like this.

Here’s the totally cool thing about this:

This is an area of my life that I’ve been asking for growth and expansion. Things got a little challenging for a while, but I chose to stay with it and push through the discomfort. As a result,

Lesson 3: Just allow. Be open to what ever shows up. 99.99999% of the time, things will NOT come in the way you think they will.

By the way, a good friend of mine has a great blog on allowing –

Lesson 4: Listen & Act. When you ask for things, listen for the subtle voice of the Universe answering you. Just as importantly, when you get an ‘answer’ act on it. I didn’t really ‘want’ to get out of bed to call my friend and I definitely didn’t ‘want’ to put on clothes to rush to a seminar. Yet, at the same time, I felt compelled to go .


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  1. That happens everytime, that you hear that small voice. You can choose to ignore it. But I’ve noticed that most of what it says to me are for betterment, though how much difficult they are to do. It speaks just in time, so you have to respond same way to take advantage of what it’s going to teach you.
    I was going through your categories of blogs and found this. Good job.

  2. True. Our goals have to be measurable and specific. As they say, if you can’t measure it, then you’re only dreaming.

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