Using The Law Of Attraction to "Feel Better"?

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Harness Universal Powers

Had a really interesting conversation with a young lady who was going through a situation and I told her “…everything was gonna be alright.”

She got upset with me.

I asked her why was she upset and she said, “because of Read more

What Do You Mean, "How Do I Make Money?"

I get soooo many calls and emails from people asking how to make more money…

My question is how do you NOT make more money???

Money is just like everything else – It’s energy.

And what do we know about energy? It’s massively abundant.

The ONLY difference with money and most other energy is Read more

Attract More Money by Giving it to Yourself

Increase Your Checking Account Balance

Living the Law of Attraction involves getting in tune with and raising your vibrational resonance towards those things you desire. To do this, you want to create the feeling of having those things now.

One thing you can do to give yourself the feeling of having more money now is to simply Read more

Living The Law Of Attraction: Manifesting A MacBook Pro

Okay, so a lot of people have been asking me why I have a Mac emblem on the back of my Dell computer. Well, there’s a couple of reasons:

One is that I want a Mac.

Sorry PC guys….I’m going over to the other side. I’ve been getting so frustrated with Read more

Using The Law Of Attraction To Lose Weight??

Question I’m often asked is, “Can I use the Law of Attraction to lose weight or fix my credit…or something of that nature

My answer is no…and yes.

The reason why I say that is because I want to make sure that people have an understanding of the basic principles of the law of attraction.

The Law Of Attraction, though it’s somewhat of an esoteric type of teaching, it is an Read more

Will you Do It?

I just got of the phone with one very honest guy.

He was asking me about how I made $100K in a week and how I’ve grown my other businesses so quickly….

These were my exact words, “I’d be more than happy to tell you, but I don’t want to waste either of our time… So I need you to answer one question first: If I told you, would you do it?”

You know what he said…

“Probably not.”

Wow… that’s honesty.

What’s my point?

Often people spend a lot of time and energy looking for the magic cure to all their life’s ills. They attend “motivational” seminars so that they can feel better about themselves but don’t apply the tips they learn.

They buy treadmills & exercise equipment only to use them as clothes racks and they buy DVDs and tapes and allow them gather dust on the shelf.

When I coach my clients I often them encourage them to begin applying the techniques they are learning while they continue their learning. When they remain in a state of “I’m doing my research” I have to ask them what they are waiting for to “begin”?

I find that most people never feel that they are at a place in their lives where they can successfully create the things they want. So they keep waiting for everything to be perfect.

The truth is that everything is already perfect whether we recognize it or not. The Law of Attraction is a perfect law always delivering to use what we give it to create.

So, what things are YOU looking for a silver bullet to ‘magically’ change?

  • Losing weight?
  • Making more money?
  • Finding a Mate?

Practical Application:

1. Honestly examine the areas of your life that you aren’t taking control of or taking responsibility for.

2. Determine WHO you need to BE or what you need to do to attract the things you want in that area. If you have books on the subject, read them. Audio programs, listen to them. DVDs, watch them. DON’T GO BUYING ANY MORE STUFF!

3. DO the things or BE the person you need to be.

Yes, it’s that easy. Will you do it?

Yours In Creation,


"Nosce te ipsum"…You Do Know Latin

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a situation not so pleasing and asked yourself the proverbial question, “What in the world am I doing?!”

I experienced this a couple of weeks ago…

I was trying to figure out why things in my life appeared to be so out of control and I found myself doubting my ability to create the things I wanted and enjoy them. I realized that Read more