Let's Create A Product Together. . .

And Make Your First Sale
(in just TWO WEEKS)


Why You Should Create A Product

Passive Income

I have to admit, there is nothing, nothing, nothing - NOTHING in the world like waking up to an additional $600, $952, $1,022 in your bank account

​You Own THe Customer

Unlike with most  affiliate marketing when you sell your own product, you own the customer (and asset) and can promote other things to increase income.


Unlike offering a service, when you create a product, you're done! You do the work one time and you can get paid forever, and if it's a digital product - it's 100% profit!

I'm Creating A Product In The Next 2 Weeks.....And So Are You!

Follow along with me as I create a brand new product from concept to customer in 2 weeks.

I'm doing this in real time, so you can have your product done in 2 weeks and selling online  

Get access to my team to help you with the technical heavy lifting.

Here's what a few others have to say about working with me to create their products:

crystal - $30,000 in 30 days

Crystal Washington was already a successful International Speaker, helping her create a product added to her success. Her first product took a week to create and make sales immediately. We subsequently launched another that made $30k in 30 days.

emy - $2,500 In FIRST MONTH

Emy was initially interested in "affiliate marketing" but after a brief conversation with him, I realized he had so much more to offer. I help him package his gift into an offer and he was able to make $2,500 in less than 1 month

latoya - $15,000 in 3 weeks

Latoya was abruptly laid off from a job she loved and didn't know what she was going to do. I worked with her to turn her passion for helping others into a product and she was able to bring in $15k in sales in 21 days

Brig - 1st sale in 1 week

Brig had tried EVERYTHING under the sun, but technology was really holding her back from getting any success online. We created a new product and got sales within 3 weeks of starting


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