4 Easy Ways to Rise Up From Discouragement and Feel Better About Yourself

Life isn’t always what you expect it to be, is it? When the results you hope for don’t manifest themselves, this can sometimes leave you questioning your self-worth and abilities. It’s easy to fall into that trap of discouragement.


The good news is that you can also get yourself right out of that melancholy mood!


Whenever you’re down in the dumps, it’s important that you take action to start feeling better about yourself. Dwelling on the negative and remaining in a depressed state is unhealthy. After a while, you’ll feel like you’re moving backward instead of forward. This makes it challenging to get back to a positive mindset.


Try these easy tips to restore your belief in you:


  1. Reflect on past successes. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll begin to realize that you’ve enjoyed many successes in the past.
  • Reflect on how great you felt when you earned something you worked extremely hard for.
  • Think about the impact you’ve had on your peers when you accomplished something that they all would’ve loved to accomplish themselves.
  1. Know that you’re uniquely created. You have a special blend of talents, abilities, personality, appearance, and purpose that is different from everyone else on the planet. There is no one else like you and that’s a wonderful thing!
  • Remember times in the past when you came up with your own solution to a challenge that made things better for you or those around you.
  • Since you’re the only person like you around, why not focus on your unique abilities and put those to work to evoke positive change in your life? Setting your new ideas in motion will go a long way toward restoring your self-confidence.
  1. Do something you’re good at. A sure way to boost how you feel about yourself is to do something you already know you’re good at. Having even a small success is a great way to build reassurance and focus on the positive.
  • It’s okay to need that self-reassurance from time to time. It’s a challenging time in a tough world, and it’s easy for outside influences to dampen your drive. Remind yourself that you’re a star in a part of the sky where nobody else shines quite as bright.
  • Proving to yourself that you can do something often gives you just enough motivation to get past that rough patch.
  1. Make someone else feel special. Making a positive impact on someone else’s life is one of the most empowering and uplifting experiences you can have!
  • Try volunteering at a local agency that helps those less fortunate than you. So many lives need a caring touch. Taking the opportunity to help them will enable you to feel that much more worthy.
  • Encouraging another person who lacks self-esteem can bring the kind of inner satisfaction which allows you to see your own true purpose. In fact, you may sometimes forget about your own hardships for a while because you’re so focused on helping someone else overcome theirs.


Try not to dwell on the negative feelings you might have about yourself. Instead, celebrate all the great qualities you have inside and share those with the world. Take the time to reflect on your blessings and you’ll begin to see for yourself how awesome and special you really are.

6 Simple Rules for Living a More Fulfilling Life

Life is full of ups and downs, but, through it all, it is possible to live a wondrous life – one where you wake up each morning excited about the coming day. When your life fulfills you, you enjoy great happiness and optimism about your future.


Best of all, you can choose to live such a life!


Try these tips to discover a more enriching life:


  1. Learn to be comfortable with making decisions. Do you dread making decisions? If so, then someone else will probably decide for you. When that happens, you might not like the outcome because you have given up power and ownership. Step up and make a decision!


  • Try to avoid saying, “I’m okay with anything.” Instead, make a choice.
  • It’s okay to go along with others in certain situations. But sometimes you need to take action by deciding what you want and making it happen!
  1. Be honest with yourself. Only when you’re honest with yourself can you be honest with others. Take time to reflect on the components of your life. Are you consumed by work? Do you spend adequate time with friends and family? Do you pursue hobbies and other interests?
  • Truthfully evaluate the path you want your life to take. You’ll become more focused and motivated to achieve whatever you want.


  • Be honest with those close to you about what you hope to accomplish. Vow to always follow your dreams!
  1. Conquer your fears. Fear can hold you back from trying something new. Let go of the negativity and worry! You may discover that different experiences can help you learn as well as providing you with enjoyment. Enrich your life by trying something for the very first time.
  2. Avoid holding a grudge. Resentment can hold you back from living a positive life. You may think that having ill feelings towards someone protects you in some way. However, those negative feelings will eventually weigh you down.
  • Holding grudges isn’t about what the other person did or didn’t do. It’s more about you and how you feel. Instead of dwelling on the past, let it go and look toward a different future.
  1. When you want something, go for it. Wealth and good fortune probably won’t come to you automatically. Resist just sitting on the sidelines waiting for something great to happen. Discover your passions! Then step into “the game of life” and pursue your dreams.
  • Embrace the novelty that life presents.
  1. Commit to giving 100%. Figure out what’s stopping you from pursuing your goals and fully dedicate yourself to overcoming those obstacles. Commit to something and put in every effort to see it through to the very end. You may just experience something great and memorable.


  • For example, have you ever wanted to try a new sport or exercise but you were too timid to do it? There’s no time like the present to join the local tennis league or start training for that marathon.


  • Tell yourself that you can do it and that you are good enough because you’re willing to give it your all and stick with it.


Only you can transform your life into whatever you want it to be. With some courage, a sense of adventure, and these simple rules, you can create a fulfilling life that you’ll enjoy each day!

How to Regain Confidence Even if Your Struggles Have Destroyed You

When you’ve been through some difficult challenges in life, you may feel like your confidence has vanished. Are you unsure how to go about believing in yourself again? If so, then this information will be of great help to you.


Follow these tips to shift your confidence levels into high gear:


  1. Know who you are. When you reconnect with the person you are deep down, your confidence will begin to rise once again.
  • Practice self-reflection to figure out what kind of person you really are. Survey your inner self to discover your strengths.


  • Do you step in to help others without being asked? Are you the one who reaches out to the new neighbor who seems uncomfortable?


  • Take time to become clear about the wonderful person you are today!
  1. Acknowledge the fantastic people you have in your life. Think of your friends. Consider the close relationships you enjoy with your family members. Perhaps you’re even cultivating friendships with co-workers you respect and admire.


  • When you recognize those close to you, your confidence will be lifted up by thoughts of the incredible people you are surrounded by.

  1. Stay connected in your love life. When you’re emotionally close and intimately involved with your partner, you don’t feel alone. You have a sense that “together, we can overcome anything.” And knowing that makes you feel stronger as an individual.
  2. Embrace challenges. Tell yourself, “I don’t know for sure if I can succeed but, I do know for sure that I will try my hardest.” Build your confidence by accepting new challenges.


  • Recognize that every challenge teaches you something valuable that you can apply later in life.
  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others sets you up to fail. The answer to, “Why can’t I be pretty and smart like Jen?” is “Because you’re not Jen – you’re you!”


  • When you compare yourself to others, especially when you’re searching for your confidence, it can feel like you always come out with the “short end of the stick.”
  1. Discover your own strong points and expand upon them. You don’t have to be the same as anyone else to see the positive attributes you possess. Recognize your own strengths.
  2. Establish new goals. What is it you hope to accomplish in your life? Whatever it is that you seek, it’s important. Write new goals to help you get excited about your future and focus on moving forward.
  3. Work toward your goals to achieve them. As you accomplish things you’ve worked hard for, you’ll feel like you can do anything. You’ll experience deep feelings of satisfaction and confidence as you put your efforts toward things that matter to you.
  • Working towards and achieving a goal is one of the sweeter things in life. Welcome the process!
  1. Use positive self-talk. Speak to yourself using phrases such as, “I know I can do it,” “I did a fantastic job,” and “It’s time to go for it!”


  • Talk to yourself as if you’re the smartest, kindest, most talented person you’ve ever met.
  • Be positive, self-supporting, and honest with yourself. You’ll be stunned at the difference it will make in your life when you speak to yourself in a positive manner.


Working to regain your confidence is an exciting, enlightening, and worthwhile experience. You really will start to believe in yourself again. Try these suggestions and you’ll be on the road to a confident new you. Your confidence will rise again, in no time at all!

Simple Everyday Activities That Can Make You Happier

Have you found yourself just sitting around wondering what makes the lives of others so great that they seem to be happy more often than not? You’ve probably come to the conclusion that they’ve been dealt a better hand of cards than you, right?


You might be surprised to find out that many people aren’t really happy because of their circumstances, but instead because they make the most of what has been given to them. That happiness you see is probably coming from a deeper inner peace.


How can you acquire that same peace?


Luckily, there are simple everyday activities that lift your mood automatically!


When you do things to elevate your mood, you end up feeling happier and more at peace. This undoubtedly will lead to more happy days.


These ideas are super effective at helping you get to a happy place, despite your circumstances:


  1. Keep yourself busy. Often, you’ll find that your mood clouds up when you allow yourself too much time to sit around and do nothing. Your unoccupied mind will easily drift into a dark place if you let it.


  • Instead, keep your mind and body busy so there’s little time to dwell on negatives.
  • Take on more responsibility at the office so you don’t have as much down time.
  • Get involved in community service so your hours are filled with worthwhile activities.
  1. Reminisce about pleasant moments. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that things haven’t always been like this with your spirit. Surely you’ve had times in the past when people or situations made you happy!


  • Take yourself back to thoughts of happy times so the emotions can also return.
  • Remember when you graduated? That must have been an uplifting feeling, right?
  • How about your best friend’s bachelorette party and the endless laughter you shared?
  1. Sing aloud. Choose “feel good” songs that have a positive message. Crank up the radio as loud as your neighbors will allow, and just sing along. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself dancing to the beat and consuming yourself with the message of the song.
  2. Work up a sweat. Exercise is a surefire way to release endorphins and trigger a happy mood. When you work up a sweat, your body feels alive and reenergized.


  • While you’re exercising, focus on the positive things in your life.
  • Take a jog around the block with your neighbor a few evenings a week.
  • Incorporate chores and other physical activities into your weekend plans.
  1. Surround yourself with positive energy. Get together often with friends and family who possess the positivity you’re looking for. Spending time in their presence will help you feel happier more regularly.


It’s important to realize that your happiness is totally dependent on you. You have to make the choice to be happy. Once you’ve acknowledged that you want to take that path to happiness, these activities can help you get there much more quickly. Embrace the happy life you’re blessed to live!