Thanksgiving: All Or None

Thanksgiving: All Or NoneOf course it’s that time of the year again where people gather ’round with their friends and family, eat, have fun and give thanks for the things in their lives.

However, I’d like to add one thing that people usually DON’T give thanks for – Read more

Why Our Economy Is On the "Brink of Disaster"

2 quick things to keep in mind while reading this: 1) This post isn’t about Barack Obama. 2) The economy really isn’t on the brink of disaster…you’ll see what I mean in the post:

Brink Of DisasterThere will always by naysayers in the world who prophesize doom and gloom. They will blame others for the bad economy or other personal problems. If you look closely, they are always ready to place the blame on something other than themselves. It is this type of negative mindset and thoughts that have created our Read more

Law Of Attraction: Volunteering to Get What You Want

Volunteering your services or your time toward worthwhile projects has always been needed. It’s not just needed by the group you decide to work with, it’s also needed by you; whether you are consciously aware of this or not.

If we were to never volunteer for anything, dishes would never get washed at home, blind dates probably Read more