Are You Unreasonable

A few days ago, I told a client that she was “being unreasonable”…

She thought I meant it in a “bad” way.

What I was telling her was that she was thinking outside her comfort zone…which is a good thing.

Sometimes we tend to think things are ‘reasonable’ because we’ve bought into some limiting thought we’ve developed over the years…

We say things like, “I could never do that because… [fill in appropriate self-defeating excuse here]…”

And we don’t even realize it because we’ve become resigned to the fact that we ARE limiting ourselves.

Only when we’re “unreasonable” can we break beyond our current situation because it was our ‘reasonable nature’ that got us there in the first place.

Bob Doyle was one of the guys who taught me to become unreasonable.

When I did, my life changed. Go here: Beyond Reason

My dad used to always say,

“If you want to keep getting what you’re getting, keep doing what you’re doing.”

This is what reasonable thinking gives us… the SAME THING!

If your financial outlook isn’t where you’d want it to be…it’s most likely because you have a ‘reasonable’ view towards wealth.

Bob will show you how to change your mindset and start ATTRACTING more wealth immediately by thinking BEYOND REASON


How Fast Is Fast?

When you put an intention out, expect things to happen…sometimes immediately.

A few days ago, in my Declarations For 2008 post, I talked about spending more time with friends… 1 day later, I get this email from a good friend of mine:

Hello Antonio…wondering if you would like to come over and watch the DVD of Wayne Dyer, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”…. I think you will find this DVD of great interest, as I have watched it a few times and continue to learn something of value every time I view it…

Ask and it is given…every time.

The Science Behind Superstition – Did You Eat Your Peas?

Eating black eyed peas on new year’s is supposed to bring you good luck and financial abundance.

Though I don’t have any superstitions, I do “believe” in them – conceptually. Meaning: they work for the people who believe in them.

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