New Format For Blog Posts

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed a slight change in the last few blog posts. I’ve added a few things to make your experience on my blog even more enriching

Practical Application Section

I’m adding a short section at the end of every post called: Practical Application

In this section, I’m going to list specific things (actionable items) you can DO to APPLY the lesson from the post in your life.

As I’ve said many times… I’m glad my posts make you laugh, make you think and make you feel better, but I truly want them to make a DIFFERENCE in your life.

You’ll notice in my blog categories that some of my posts are strictly for fun, so those won’t have the Practical Application section, but most will.

Of course, you can choose to do the things in the section or ignore them…it’s up to you. I just want to make sure the lessons are there for you to help you on your journey.

Subscriber Only Posts

You may have also noticed, there are a few posts with the title of Subscriber Only. These posts are for subscribers to my various membership programs:

Each post will let you know which subscription you’ll need to access the post. Some of the membership programs are FREE (ThinkBanc) so feel free to join in on the fun.

That’s it for now… thanks for being a reader and I look forward to enjoying this fantastic journey we’re all on together.

Practical Application:

1) Read the Practical Application section in each blog post and have fun applying the techniques in your life. 🙂

2) Make sure you get the membership you feel is most beneficial for you.

Yours In Creation,


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[youtube USRfUfTemBg]
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