Law Of Attraction And The Secret On Oprah | Update

Hi everyone,

Been getting a ton of emails asking about the Oprah Winfrey show with the teachers from The Secret: Rhonda Byrne, Lisa Nichols, James Ray, Dr. Micheal Beckwith, and Jack Canfield.

Here’s the latest:

Oprah was going to show the Secret episode live today, but because of how great the show was going to be, she decided to record the show to edit it. They did the recording today.

So look for The Secret on Oprah in the next few days.

Poem: Nice to meet you…in the next lifetime

I haven’t written since my mother died. I was recently inspired by a very special someone to write this. Peace and love to you…and thank you.

hey nice to meet you.
again –
for the very first time.
And like the first time
feeling the same
hey, what’s you name?
tell me
oh, just as beautiful
as that inner light
you and me
cause see
got this energy
this chemistry
this synergy
it’s like we
kinda knew each other
before we
got to know each other
as far as I know.
But who knew?
that you
wouldn’t see me
to be
the one you got to know
oh no…
say it ain’t
but it is
you’re his
and I ‘got’ that
but get this
I missed
but I’m…
am I?
Not really
but really
I know it’s silly
so don’t mind me
I’m just saying how
I wish it could be.
being mine.
maybe next lifetime.

Law Of Attraction: The Season For Non-Violence

The season for non-violence starts today… January 30 – April 4. If you’re not familiar with the season for non violence, it’s a national 64-day campaign dedicated to nonviolence. The Season for non-violence was inspired by the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and runs from the dates of their departures respectively.

Here is the pledge I made : Read more