What Goes Around?Comes Around – kinda

So we?ve all heard the famous phrase ?What Goes Around, Comes Around,? right?

Have you ever noticed that most of the time people say this, it has to do with something ?bad? or implying that we get what we deserve? or justice has been served. Like, some puny kid at school stands up to the Read more

I just don't like that guy

Have you ever had someone sit next to you or stand next to you and you just ‘felt’ uncomfortable? Not that they were doing anything in particular, you just felt weird. I think this is more real than we think. As you know, like attracts like?meaning: things that things that emit the same vibration resonance are drawn to each Read more

Know How to Be Rich

I used to believe that Darwin knew what he was talking about? the ?Survival of the Fittest? theory made complete sense. But when it comes to money, most people are never 100% certain they?ll always have money when they need it. We focus on surviving- and barely getting by.

?Know How to Be Rich? will teach Darwin a lesson or two! It?s a goal based audio program that helps you get from point A to point B- and fast, too.

Because there is more to being rich than having money. Being rich is more than having an abundance of cash in your pockets and a healthy bank account. To know how to be rich is to understand how to have everything else in life, too. Healthy relationships, happy careers, home? happiness in general!

Know How To Be Rich Audio Program

Same Shift…Different Day

Okay the saga continues with the laptop issue.

Here’s the update from Shift Happens: The laptop I got from Office Depot just didn’t cut it, so I called Dell to get my computer from there.

I know…I know…Some people Read more