Law Of Attraction Works All The Time…Unless You're Bugs Bunny

By far, my favorite ‘actor’ in the entire world is Bugs Bunny. I can go on and on about how much depth Bugs has, but that’s in another post…”Bugs For President”.

Anyway, here’s a scene from one of my favorite segments, “High Diving Hare”. Yosemite Sam wants to see “Fearless Freep” the circus high dive act, but Freep Read more

The $100K Choice

I met a woman several months ago and we quickly formed a business relationship that I thought was set for greatness. I felt really good about this project because if was going to provide two main things I was looking for at the time – A cash influx and I anticipated an ongoing, residual stream of income of about $5,000 per month. And as an Read more